Property Valuation


Property valuation is a procedure that determines value of property, taking into account all factors: its utility, state, and many other characteristics. As a rule an independent appraiser or appraisal companies carry out valuation activity. An independent appraiser is a person with sufficient knowledge, qualification for appropriate valuation. Activity of all appraisal companies is regulated by the government, as inaccuracy and errors are not allowed in valuation activity.


Principal activities of Elkom Ggroup of companies are:

  • valuation of real estate (apartments, offices, production facilities, land);
  • valuation of vehicle damage in road traffic accidents (expert evaluation of vehicle);
  • valuation of damage caused to property;
  • valuation of an enterprise (business shares);
  • valuation of rights, obligations, etc.


Valuation activity relatively recently appeared in service market of Russia, however, it is very popular for creditors, lessees, owners wishing to sell property. Astrakhan is considered to be a quite developed city in the field of valuation and as a rule there is no problem in choice of a company or an appraiser. But it should be remembered that each appraiser should have higher education and additional professional education in the field of business valuation. It is forbidden for an appraiser to have conviction for economic, average gravity or the gravest crime. Our valuation company employs only well-tried experts.