Electrical laboratory (electrical measurements)


Electrical measuring laboratory of our company is registered in the Interregional Technology Department of the Federal Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor) with the right to perform acceptance testing, preventive testing and measurements of electrical equipment and electrical installations of the voltages up to 1000 V.


We can offer you:


1. Measurement of loop resistance "Zero Phase" and checking automations

Measuring loop resistance "zero phase" and current single-phase circuits is carried out to check timing of actuation data of protection devices of electrical equipment from overcurrent when phase fault on the housing.


All we want to have electrical power supply for electrical equipment safe and perfect, but not always it is possible to mistake the wish for the reality. In process of operation of electrical systems and electrical equipment, users forget that it must be inspected periodically and anticipated every possible failure. In order to prevent and resolve problems, periodic complex electrical measurements are required.


Measuring loop resistance "zero phase" and current of single-phased fault is carried out:

  • before acceptance of electrical equipment into operation;
  • in terms defined by a schedule of preventive maintenance;
  • after major repair of electrical equipment.

2. Measurement of insulation resistance of electrical apparatus and secondary circuits

The golden rule of electrical safety is constant monitoring and maintenance of electrical equipment in working order. Constant measurement of insulation resistance, elimination of identified defects is a guarantee of trouble-free operation and public health safety. In addition, regular measurement of insulation resistance helps to avoid failure of expensive equipment, extend the term of its operation, therefore, save money on repairs.


We conduct tests and measurements of electrical equipment up to 1 kV in a newly installed electrical installation (acceptance), as well as in accordance with current operation (operational). Measuring insulation resistance of wiring is carried out to prevent accidents related to operation of electrical installations as well as for fire safety.


After insulation resistance measurement we provide to a customer technical report in accordance with GOST 50571, containing comprehensive information about actual state of the electrical installation. Such report can be  presented to inspectors of the state fire supervision and the Federal Department of Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor) at their request.


All timescales and periodicity of measurements of insulation resistance are given in Chapter PUE 1.8, GOST R50571.16-99, rules of technical operation of electrical installations by consumers (PTEEP, Ex. 3, 3.1).

Measurements of the insulation resistance in the retail trade are defined in the cross-industry rules on labor safety in retail trade POT RM 014-2000, n. 5.1.17. "Measurement of grounding resistance and wire insulation is made periodically, at least once a year".


Measurements of insulation resistance in catering are defined in cross-industry rules on labor safety in catering POT RM-011-2000 n. 5.6. "The insulation resistance of power in areas without increased electrical danger should be measured not less than once in 12 months in high-risk areas (or with increased danger) - not less than once in 6 months. In addition, protective ground (neutral wire earthing) tests are conducted not less than once in 12 months".