Collection and transportation of hazardous waste of I-IV hazard class

Eklom Group of companies provides collection and removal of waste from the first to the fourth class of danger which utilization must be carried out accurately, correctly and preferably immediately. All kinds of waste that fall under the first or third class of danger require qualified and professional approach to utilization with the use of special equipment.
Waste of the first class of danger is considered to be extremely dangerous. The extent of harmful effect of this class of waste on the environment is very high. Utilization of hazardous waste is strictly controlled by the authorities.
The first class of hazard waste is waste such as battery cells, thermometers, mercury and fluorescent lamps and other instruments (barometers, monometers) softol transformers; hexavalent chromium salts; beryllium dust; metal mercury and other.
The second class of danger includes storage batteries.
Difficult controlling ejection of spent storage batteries poses serious threat to the environment. In accordance with the requirements of environmental legislation, waste collection of this class must be carried out separately from other waste in a specially designated place equipped with a tray that prevent electrolyte strait. This tray can be stored in the repair area. In case when the container is mounted on the adjacent territory, the playground for storage should have an awning to protect from rain and solid surfacing. Storage batteries must not be exposed to mechanical stress.
The third class of danger is:
  • oil waste;
  • used filters.
Used oil entering the  environment is only partially neutralized by influence of natural processes, the greater part of it is a source of air, soil and water pollution. In accordance with the requirements of environmental legislation, primary collection of oil waste must be carried out separately from other waste in special containers.
Oil filter is a consumable material for automobiles and requires periodic change. In accordance with the requirements of environmental legislation the third-class collection of waste should be implemented separately from other waste in special containers. Afterwards, the waste must be utilized properly.
The forth hazard class includes oily waste generated during construction of oil and gas wells, exploitation of minable depots, cleaning tanks and equipment, treating wastewater containing oil products.
Our company also performs utilization of  X-ray equipment and X-ray tubes and other similar equipment legitimately and legally. Our customers are provided with a complete package of required documents. All equipment is liquidated and utilized by a proven scheme and after such work waste will not cause harm to the environment or people.
Turning to Elkom Group of companies you can be sure that the utilization of hazardous waste will be carried out in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations. Our company cares about the environment and ecology. That is why we strive to reduce harmful effects of hazardous substances.