Elkom Company

Service maintenance of medical equipment is one of the key activities of ELKOM group of companies. We understand how important it is that service should be professional and timely, especially when it comes to service in medical field.

Professional service is a guarantee of quality and long-term operation of medical equipment, plus customer’s confidence in delivered products. 80% of medical equipment needs periodic preventive maintenance of hardware and / or software in warranty and post-warranty period.

We have been operating more than 10 years in this direction on the territory of the Russian Federation, and we confidently hold the leading position in the service market of the Astrakhan Region thanks to many years of practice, access to information resources, close contacts with suppliers and manufacturers.

Preventive measures implemented by our engineers in process of maintenance greatly reduce risk of failure of medical equipment in general or component level, thus significantly reducing potential costs for major repair or purchase of new equipment.

Thus, process of diagnosis or treatment in your medical center will be planned and without unforeseen failures due to regular maintenance of medical equipment.